Monday, December 19, 2011

An Ode to a Dear Wife

A poem as a gift to a loving wife on their wedding anniversary.

photo: Mamarose

If only I have the power
To change one thing in me
I’ll be a perfect lover
The way you wanted it to be.

A dew garden I’ll build on the mountain’s peak
So the whole world could see
The fairest lady I picked
To share dreams with me.

If only I could alter
I’ll start a fresh life
True love as our shelter
Free of miseries and strife.

No more thorns to pierce your heart
But flowers for your soul’s delight
No more goodbyes that tear our relationship apart
But morning hellos to bind us tight.

But fate have other plans
Time too, has its own way
I’m hopeless to ease what the thorns had done
I’m sorry you lived by its pain each day.

I can’t turn back the time
But dreams will always be there
If only I could be a perfect lover
For one more time.


  1. oh, so sweet Donald, am sure the thorns produced so much roses of happiness and they provide greater strength in your relationship to withstand the tests of time

  2. Happy anniversary to both of you Kuya, you truly are one loving , poetic, and wonderful husband to Ate Rose!

  3. Ang sweet mo Papaleng, nakakainlove naman ang poem na ginawa mo para sa asawa mo.

  4. Nyaks naman papaleng ang haba ng hair ng misis mo. pero naniniwala po ako na ikaw yung perfect lover ng misis mo no matter how imperfect yung nadaanan nyo.

  5. So sweet, you wife must be blushing now....:-)

  6. What a beautiful poem. I'm sure your wife gets the message.

  7. How I wish my hubby will write a poem for me like this one too,idol,hehe!
    Lucky po si misis to have you as her hubby idol!
    Happy Anniversary po sa inyo!

  8. How sweet of you, Papaleng! This poem must have made your wife's heart melt. Masuerte kayo sa isat-isa! Happy anniversary to you both, Papaleng. Hugs!

  9. Awww!!! Papaleng you did it again :-) I wish you and your wife a blissful life together. May GOD continue to bless your love to keep stronger until forever. I love love love the poem. You are one romantic Papaleng and I bet your family is very happy for having a heart like yours :-)

  10. ..."if only I could be a perfect lover for one more time"....oh so beautifully written!!!! I am such a fan! :)

  11. Ang sweet mo talaga Paps! Ikaw na! :)