Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Silly Love Affair

While watching two sweet young lovers clad in their high school uniforms exchanging sweet nothings, I can’t help my self but to reminisce a similar experience I have gone thru. Getting my pen, I started my recollections of that cherished memories with a girl named Laila. Read on to explore what magic one “silly conversation” brings.

photo: Paula Jhin

I went to your place just to hang-out
The way I always do
Somehow, you felt I acted odd
But how? You had no clue?

Then all of a sudden, I told you a story
Of how I met this 'lovely girl'
Of how her sweetness and pretty smiles
Just gave my heart a twirl

I spoke of her beauty, her lovely voice
The way she sung so well
I said from the moment I saw her face
I fell into her spell

It killed you how I spoke of her
As if she was “the one”
Like being with her meant the world for me
Without her, life was done

You tried to be happy, keeping a straight face
But inside, it hurt a lot
The more you tried to hold it in
The more jealous you got

So on you went baffling me
Telling a web of lies
About this guy, you never met
Who “had the cutest eyes”

You told me that he asked you out
You named a place you’d go
I simply smiled and said “Okay”
Like there was something I didn’t know

The very next night, I called you up
And, Oh! To your surprise
I seemed to know that all you said
Were just a bunch of lies

I told you that there was this thing
I had to tell you too
And as you listened, you kept wondering
If what I said was true

Through your silence, I poured it out
With a voice as cold as a morning dew
I told you that my lovely girl
Was no one else but you.


  1. Oh! That's so beautiful Papaleng. I really loved the ending.

  2. The story is like a million others but the feelings expressed are unique in some way.

  3. Nice one. I like the twist in the end, Pampelikula.

  4. I love this poem, the topic, the rhythmic words, and the truth in it. More of this please.

    1. I forgot to ask if this is your story or true-to-life lang ang dating?

    2. This is my story and the girl's name is Maura.. may first love.

  5. Oh that is oh so cute and oh so real :D communication is really the key to a successful relationship because "love affairs" such as the one you describe can "happen" without the other knowing that it is not what he/she interprets it to be.

  6. *kilig* I literally felt the chills as soon as I read the revelation. Young love, sweet love. It's always beautiful to reminisce such beautiful moments. :)

  7. *kilig* I literally felt the chills as soon as I read the revelation. Young love, sweet love. It's always beautiful to reminisce such beautiful moments. :)

  8. Hands up to this poem! I love the ending! I'm just wondering, anu kaya reaction niya? Hhmm. :)

  9. OMG!!!
    I am reminiscent of my puppy love, decades ago. FLASHBACK... it seems like only yesterday when somebody said to me... "I Can Wait Forever" (by Air Supply) but that's all in the past and only memories were left to remember him by.

  10. pang hollywood...ano kaya ang ending?

  11. I like the simplicity of words, the poem is light and easy but the impact is very very good. May kilig factor. =)

  12. lovely, the end makes me smile, oh, the youth! why can't be straight to the point? I can relate so well, hahaha!

  13. Light lang pero heavy ang dating at impact! Way to go Papaleng! :)

  14. You are such a "Makata" KUya, how sweet!

  15. I agree with what they have to say. Nakakakilig Papaleng hahaha! You're not just a scientist, you're also like Dr. Love of FBF :)

  16. Naks naman Kuya! Ikaw na! You're such a gifted poet po! I love the rhymes and most importantly, I love the message conveyed in the poem. Super nice po and I like it! :)

  17. wow, kinilig naman ako Papaleng. hehehe! glad that at least you was able to tell her that it was her, :) I wonder what happened next? hehehe! :)

  18. great poem Papaleng... :) kilig much! LOL!

    galing ng style po. napasagot mo sya for sure.

  19. Hayyy this reminds me of another love story! Hahaha How I wish I can put my thoughts and feelings into poems like this Papaleng :D

  20. Oh young love :) I admire how you translated it into a poem.