Monday, February 20, 2012

You Can Do It!

A poem of encouragement for a friend who will undergo brain surgery.

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Life has again played its luck
In a wink of an eye, your world crumbles,
Life had changed its hue, from blue to black
Now, you’re a shadow of that clown

This Big C is tearing your heart apart
Confined to a bed, there’s nothing much you and I can do
My heart cries out, seeing your strength going to waste,
But still, a faint smile flashes on your face.

Life is hard, shrewd and tough,
Only the strong has the chance to reach the top
Be strong, the road ahead is undeniably be rough
Fight and never give up

Hope punctuates out laughter
And conquers fear
Treat each day positively … like a witty dreamer
And be ready to face any thing …like a gritty runner.

I have no idea, what you’re going through
Life at times seems to be unfair
But this I know… God cares for you
He will never put on you more than you can bare.

So just keep the “Faith” … the best thing I know
In this life don’t feel so empty
I’ll pray for you as I always do
In God’s own time … Healing will come to you.


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