Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Woman to Remember

Just a sweet poem for someone who once stole my heart.

photo: Shy Shai

Love… do you feel my heart ache for you,
My eyes sparkles whenever I’m with you
Oh… it shows on silly expressions that I do
Or on just simple conversations…it always show

I have no strength to conceal,
How I feel for you right now.
All I know this affection is real
Thinking… could it be sealed with a vow?

Your gentle kiss, it’s so romantic,
Without a doubt… you’re beautiful and smart.
Each moment shared are truly fantastic
Oh God… I treasure every part.

Your sleepy eyes can set me into a trance,
Your angelic voice… an assurance that nothing will go wrong
My soul seeks to catch just one glance,
Your smile, keep me warmth all night long.

Grace, you’re my honey, my lady
You know me more than a friend.
Just hoping so dearly
We have eternity to spend.


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