Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Silly Love Conversation

While having a light talk, a husband asked this question to his wife.

Sweetheart, Why did you asked if I still love you?
We’ve been through rough times, but I choose to stay
Isn’t it a proof that we exchanged “I Do’s”
Though at times I forgot to say.

But if you put me to test, once again
To catch some rainbows,
To climb magical mountains
I’ll do it again, even finding you a black rose.

Oh.. those mystical nights that start with a wink.
On a candlelight table we dine, sing
And sip our favorite drink
On the dance floor, we do the swing.

Have I not recently treat you on a date
That ended up, on a crazy shopping spree
Ah…You have emptied my wallet
Thank God, the pushcarts are free.

Isn’t it enough that each day you leave
You’re guaranteed a kiss on the lips
And each meal you served
Didn’t I tell you how superb those dips.

Sweetheart, patience is always my tool
When you’re getting some weight
When you’re nagging and losing your cool
You got a hug and the magic words “It’s still a figure 8”.

So next time, you ask if I still love you?
Count all the things I’ve done for you
And if you realize that I am still your old beau
Just kiss me on the lips, that will do.


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