Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thank You Lord

And old man's gratitude...

photo: Me again?

For this life

Though it causes great resentment and strife
And all our hopes be ruined and lost
Even if there be more bad than good in life
We adhere to life and deem not the cost .

For the Love

Though at times woes trail in its wake
Still we set aside its sadness in love's joy
And treasure tears with smiles for love's dear sake
That in Your place happiness forever we'll enjoy.

For the pain

Knowing that tears are not shed in vain
But ultimately mournful heart shall find
No blight, but blessings in the hand of pain.
And bury all hatred behind.

For death

That kisses suffering lips and calm their breath
And offers peace to those with anxious breast
Your coming brings sorrow, this thing called death
But our tired souls, in heaven shall take a rest