Friday, May 25, 2012

Forbidden Love

A poignant poem about an unchartered Love.

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The moon’s fading brightness
The wind’s shivering blow
Two unknowing witnesses
So truth at last will glow.

As your lips touched mine
A fiery sensation… I could not deny
Emotions run high as two bodies were entwined
But young lady, now I will not cry.

Tears are worthless to be shed
As pain has given up its fruit
Fear was finally conquered
Now I realized the truth.

In my ears you whispered
“Do you still care”
With a tender reply, I answered
“You alone owns my heart…forever”

But my mind questioned
Will you still love me
If our present situation offered a different condition?
What my chances be, that you stick it out with me?

But my heart uttered
Just play the game and not wonder
For it’s the only thing your spirit can muster
To be with her, is all that matters.

So honey, please be with me
Make my life brand new.
So honey, make a vow with me
To paint our world with a different hue.