Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Touching Poems This Fathers' Day....

Just 2 heartfelt poems that I treasure a lot.

Lucky are those who up to now have their fathers by their side. But for those who have lost one that includes me, how will it be this Father’s Day. Guess they have to content with making up a tribute and tell the whole world “What makes a Dad”.

My dad

What Makes a Dad

Words would not be enough
To described the qualities of my dear dad
He taught me how to be tough
Shedding tears only when I’m glad.

His strength, like a mountain’s stability
His principles, comparable to a tree’s majesty
Calmness that matches a sea’s tranquility
Oh! He owned a Nature’s generosity.

He has the joy of a morning in spring
The faith of a mustard seed
A night in his arms are so comforting
He has an ocean of reserves for all family needs.

Possessing the wisdom of the ages
And the patience of eternity
His, was an eagle’s courage
That was rewarded with prosperity.

Though, he left us so soon
I can only say, “I’m so grateful”
Your life had been my inspiration
Dad, you’re just wonderful.

The Greatest Father Day’s Gift!

My daughter McDo

You’re the greatest man I’ve known
You’re the most lovable guy I have
I treasure you, don’t you know?
I love you, does it shows?

I’m just amazed about these things
Why can’t I tell you my fears inside
Maybe because I fear you a lot
But still my love for you is more than everything.

I won’t last a day
Without hearing your sweet and tender words
I won’t live at least a minute
Without you… yelling at me!

When you’re quiet… I’m afraid
Because I know I’ve hurt you
You’re my best friend, but why do I hide secrets from you?
Maybe because I fear you.

Whenever my teacher asks what are we afraid of
I just say “I’m afraid of my dad, especially when he’s mad
My classmates will murmur and will just stare at me
I don’t care! All I know is that I’m afraid of losing you!

Sometimes I think I better die
Whenever silence gets powerful and makes a wall between us
I know, I’m your silliest and naughtiest daughter
But I assure you that I have the best love for my father.

Words I’m not good!
Actions I’m not worth!
But this poem truly shows
How much I love my father!!!


  1. These poems are heartfelt. Original ba? Galing mo, papa leng. Advanced Happy Father's Day to you. :D

  2. well played with words again. (^_^) I grew up with my dad but when I was 15 I am already independent. I might not have much to share about my dad but I know for sure he is one of the best dad ever born on this earth.

  3. Awww... that poem from your lovely daughter was indeed beautiful. The love exudes and the effort was there. If I only had my father with me... I would write a thousand poems, with each one thanking him for giving me life. :) Advance Happy Father's Day po Tay! :)

  4. You are so blessed to be have such a beautiful daughter! Happy father's day sir Paps! =)

  5. I lost my father too at an early age but I think he was able to impart his knowledge to me in the short span of time.

  6. I lost my dad while I was in high school :( Thanks for this daddy's poem. The one for your daughter is quite heartfelt :) Happy father's day papaleng :)

  7. This poem and dance with my father song are related happy father's day in advance.. :)

  8. Awww absolutely precious. This is really a great poem. Advance happy father's day to you Sir.

  9. These poems really speak the truth about fathers. I miss my own father.

  10. Happy Father's Day fellow dad. Wishing you all the best. Great poems indeed.