Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Thought I Was Smart

A funny poem about a guy who finally realized that his girlfriend was just lying to him.

There was a guy who asked her beautiful girl,
Sweetheart, “Am I Handsome?”
“Yes you are”, as her face quickly twirls,
“You're a dazzling young man!”

But people say I’m a dumb nut,
The perfect opposite of Einstein,
“No you’re not” Mind then not!
Perhaps they have too much of wine.

Peers said, “Your ideas are useless”
“And Dad said I’m weird”,
She said, “To me.. You are Mr. Effectiveness
And every girl’s dream of Mr. Brave”

Her girl’s words lifted up his ego
And keep on believing
He is a smart guy and a handsome beau
Until one day he found out that her sweetie was lying.


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