Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life's Wonders

An old man shares some of his experiences to guide the youth.

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Life is full of wonders
Don't let it slip away
Just show love to others
Yourself be a gift each day.

Seek everyone's beauty
By setting aside earthly standard
Others may have trek a difficult journey
Finding a friend is their best reward.

A fresh bouquet of flowers will do
To show someone that you care
Forgiveness is a good thing to do
Remember, life is not always fair.

At all times be courageous
A useful weapon to have down the road
For each one has to a carry a cross
That could be such a heavy load.

Share your talents and gifts
And do have an appreciative heart
Do the things you could lift
Now is the time to start.

These things your heart may contain
You'll bring to any place you'll call home
Surely you'll experience both sun and rain
But you'll never be alone.

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  1. Thanks Rovie, inspired lang ako ng ginawa ko itong poem.