Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Rewarding Days

A man realizes how he must value each day that was given to him.

photo: Khaye
Three rewarding days … God has given me
To unbound myself away from sorrows’ grip
And fight back fear and anxiety
YESTERDAY… was a day inside a grievance’ pit.

A day of mistakes and faults
With so much pains and regrets it brings
Beaten and trampled, my soul ceases not to fold
I kept holding, but Yesterday left me with no chance of winning.

There’s no power in me to alter
For each action, by mistake I’ve made
For Yesterday is gone forever
To those I offended…only a token of remorse was paid.

God said, worry not about TOMORROW
For it will bring forth bountiful blessings to cope
Though it may also brings fears, sufferings, and sorrows,
But one thing is sure, Tomorrow will trigger new hope.

Tomorrow is the perfect day to make a vow
Look at the horizon and forget Yesterday’s storm
But until the sun rises I am privy about Tomorrow
For I’ll eagerly wait until Tomorrow is born.

But how can I face life’s hostile jungles
If Yesterday was unfruitful and Tomorrow will still be an ‘unknown’ day?
I will be a hapless warrior to subdue life’s struggles
But God gives me a sturdy ally…the wisdom of TODAY.

With life’s lessons that Yesterday taught me
And the uncertainties of what Tomorrow will bring
My mind and body is well-prepared and ready
For Today’s experiences…for I know will be rewarding.

But before I go face my battles
I’ll keep these words in mind
And into my heart it settles
‘To live my life one day at a time.’