Monday, November 18, 2013

Moments in Life

The writer describes some phases of life.

photo: Patricia

There are moments in life
When you miss someone so dear
That only in dreams you strive
To kiss her and whispers sweet nothing in her ear.

When the door of happiness closes,
God opens a window of hope
The closed door deprived us of life’s purpose
While the window of hope gives back life’s scope.

Never fall for physical beauty; it will only last for a while.
Don’t be blinded by wealth; its luster will wither.
Pick someone who’ll make you smile
Since a smile makes a dark day brighter.

Follow your dreams; trek the avenues of possibilities
Because you have one chance do reach those aspirations
Stand firm on your decisions; boldly face responsibilities
Because you have just one short life to work on.

May your success be sweet
Each victory uplifts your spirit
May each trial a tool of grit
And each frustration a lesson to keep.

Happiness comes not from having the best of everything
It’s just getting the fullest of each thing that comes along the way
Cast out all your failures and start believing
This way you’ll earn success each day.

When you first see the light, you’re crying
And everyone around you were smiling
Live your life so that at the end, you’ll be smiling
And everyone around you shares the same feeling.


  1. Patricia looks like one of our students in Divine Wrod, so pretty! Love that last paragraph!

  2. very nice, looks great and the passion within the poem for the girl is wonderful

  3. Nice advice for someone feeling down and out, and beautiful model, too, for this lovely poem! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres