Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Blissful Wish

A special place is worth reminiscing!

photo: Daphne

As I lie in bed
And gaze into space
Your face, the stars have painted
At the horizon’s edge.

Your face I missed for a while
Staring down at me
Flashing that beautiful smile
That I delight to see.

Whispering, “Baby, close your eyes
And tell me what’s in your mind”
Laughter shared by you and I
I’ve lost and need to find.

We’re there in the garden
On a bench we’re sitting
Kissing and hugging then
A joyous moment we are having.

All day long we talked
Promises and vows we’ve made
Dreams and visions we hold
Believing this is our fate.

I wish this event be repeated
On that one special place,
As I lie in bed
And gaze into space…


  1. I miss how that feels, young, passionate love...How I wished it can truly be repaeated. I feel you.

  2. A beautiful poem to a person you miss. Definitely worth reminiscing.

  3. a wonderful poem make for such a pretty face, indeed reminiscing the past would brings smile to those who have joyful one.

  4. I miss DAphne, parang di na sya active sa blogging. Lovely poem KUya.

  5. Life is so precious and that we need to spend it to the people whom we loved the most. This is such a beautiful poem as always Papaleng.

  6. Napakaganda talaga ni Daphne! Love your poem, I see it as a poem of hope not heartbreak. His love might not be with him now but who knows? Eventually they might end up together...decades from now..

  7. Daphne's one of the prettiest face in blogging. Another nice sweet poem again Papaleng.

  8. Young and vulnerable with a face of an angle....wowww..the poem's great.

  9. It is certainly a precious moment when we reminisce on all the good times we have with our loved ones. Your poem catches the nostalgia.