Sunday, May 17, 2015


Reunion 2015

UHSM Class'75

The class president, Oops! He’s wearing a wig.
The intramural’s muse was shaped like a twig.

The campus heartthrob looked like a hoodlum on a tie
As if he had eaten much pizza pies.
Oh! And what happened to those varsity volleyball players
They all looked liked moving steel drawers.

The class jester still can throw some jokes
But now he does it in gentle strokes
Some had wrinkles and others had sagging skin
I was taken aback, there was someone who had double chins.

But why worry if they‘re fat or not smart
Because, honestly I only see with my eyes
We, at one time in our life had been skinny or had grown too fat
But we maintained our friendship, no matter what.


  1. A lot has changed indeed but what's important is that your relationship remains solid with these people. There's nothing like a lasting friendship.

  2. You cracked me up with this post Papaleng. You made me chuckle but I so loved the post. However we looked now, friendship never fades.

  3. Friendship goes beyond time and looks! It is something worth treasuring and I love your poem. Wish I could also attend one, where most of us could really gather in big numbers.

  4. What an honest post. IT's part of life so accept and enjoy whatever and who you are at the moment hehehe.

  5. What a great event to reminisce the beautiful and happy past :)