Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Seeking a Real Love

photo: Lyned Kelly

It was a season of joy since I felt real love
Moments of togetherness, that means a lot
Arms locked and heartfelt kiss
That is something of a bliss.

It was an unforgettable "light touch"
that first hug which means so much
A nature's magical work of art
Which melts away a broken heart.

Its been a precious minute since I flash a smile
that made life for me worthwhile
Its been a wonderful moment since I uttered good thoughts
Which triumph over pain so as love will not go to naught.

It was a fortress of security
Being with someone's arms that were big and strong
That will forever gives my life stability
I know in your presence, that were I belong.

Its been a season of joy since love was made
Knowing I was healed from the pain and the shame
That stole my dreams as it came
Hoping all my agonies be repaid with a love that never will fade.


  1. What a beautiful reminder of what love can do especially when a person is in pain. It's the best comfort we can receive and it will definitely help us forget.

  2. Such a wonderful poem for someone who is inlove this would make their hearts melt.

  3. Yep, i do believe also that love is magical, sweet, colorful- exciting, bitter and worth to feel, embrace and LEARN.

  4. ***hoping all my agonies be repaid with a love that never will fade. - I love this quote Papaleng. Still hoping and praying to find that kind of love in the future. :-D

  5. When you're in love, everything is rosy. And a person in love becomes beautiful inside and out.

  6. Kakainlove naman talaga to si Kuya P. Being inlove is a magical thing that any wealth on earth can't pay.

  7. so beautiful poem of love..."love that heals pain and shame..." such a beautiful line :)

  8. I can feel the emotions in this poem. Love for some can be magical and life, but for some love who failed can be death and misery.

  9. inspiring and like what mommy mentioned, this poem is very nakakakilig. para bang akoy naging feeling teenager again.

  10. Real love is when you let your girlfriend or boyfriend, get to some places for the future. One should not locked them and will not give them to explore. Great poem Papaleng, hope some teens can also read this. It is very inspiring