Monday, August 22, 2011

Astin Parker

A grandpa's joy seeing his first grandchild makes his first steps.

photo: Pakoy

Your little cry brings joy and delight
To your mother who labor in pain
And to all of us anxiously waiting
That finally you will see glimpses of light.

Now you’re four months old, Astin Parker
You look more a child than before
One thing you really want to savor
On your mom’s arms and gentle shoulders.

Cling on to your mother’s gentle shoulders
Your tender hugs shows a genuine trust
Sweetly telling her this bond will last
Forever I’ll treasure this love you render.

Tomorrow, you’ll face life’s new challenges
Your father, mother and all of us
Will always be there to give advice
To decide what is right and wise.

Learn and follow your father’s good act
Meekness and humbleness he has lots
Eventually you will discover other godly traits
On how to keep the family intact.

From your dear mom, affection and submission
Two most important values you should remember
One more thing, be a cheerful giver
God’s bountiful blessings will come beyond expectations.

Much you will learn from Grandma Rose
With gladness, she will share God’s promises
Her creativity, ingenuity, honesty, thoughtfulness and braveness
Traits needed to withstand daily life’s race.

Simplicity and wits your Aunt Karen holds
A laugh that could change the world
A creative mind and God-centered heart
She too has a passion for arts.

Understand love and compassion from Uncle Kevin
He will tell you how pain merits victory
And victory’s a tool for new beginnings
That will prepare you for tomorrow’s glory.

Parker, little things I want to say
Be strong and firm in all situations
Carry along with you humor and patience
Accept mistakes and always respect others positions.


  1. Immeasurable joy for sure. Beautiful poem too! There is no doubt that you got the hands and mind of an artist.

  2. Astin Parker is lucky to have so many people to look up to especially you.

  3. hmmn how was the feeling of becoming a grand parents, can't wait till I saw my own grand child

  4. That's a very sweet poem. How old is he today? :)

  5. Astin is surrounded by so many people who loves him. I just read a blog about how life is like a bag of chips. It says we should savor every moment in our life because its not a race.

    Sometimes it feels like time passes by so fast and the cries of our precious infant has now turned to baby-talk of our toddlers. And after a few years, we hear the voice starting to change for our pre-teen son.

    I am in that stage with my son now. I do miss the years when I can share candies and prepare Halloween costumes. But I know I haven't even seen a fourth of my child's journey. There is much to love.

  6. The joy of seeing the first grandchild is immeasurable, indescribable even...

  7. Grandpas joy cannot be measured. The joy of having a grandchild is measured in the heart.

  8. these are good thoughts to guide and mold your child with... with these i know he will grow to be a pretty nice person... Yahweh bless.

  9. Astin Parker, is so Blessed to have you, Papaleng :) I'm sure of that... I wish to meet him also... one of these days perhaps :)

  10. My most favorite part is this: "Your tender hugs shows a genuine trust. Sweetly telling her this bond will last."

    Nakakagood vibes naman ang post na 'to!

  11. I love the poem - my kids are so lucky to have such doting grandparents - both sets!

  12. what a lovely poem, it is a joy of every grandparents to see their grandchildren on their first, they are their pride and joy

  13. such a lucky and blessed boy to have you as his granfather and those great people that surrounds him. :) very lovely poem, profound and poignant...hope he can read this someday! :) my kids misses their lolo and lola so much, thanks to skype we can talk almost everyday. :)

  14. Astin is really blessed to have grandparents, especially a grandpa that makes an effort to show what true and unconditional love is through a poem. I suddenly missed the letters that my grandpa used to write me. I would always feel so loved whenever shed part on me some of her life's experiences.

  15. I feel you, my dad almost cried after seeing my kids walk the 1st time. Uncaptured moment that will stay in our heart 4ever. :)

  16. Cute kid! Very touching poem, they are so bless ans should be proud to have you as their grand parents!

  17. Oh so sweet, cute and wonderful. Your kiddo is really blessed by having a grandparents in there. I feel sad sometimes of my kids because my parents did not see them in person yet wahhh...

  18. sweet! I hope he'll read this message someday.

  19. Yan na ba si Pakoy, Papaleng? Manang- mana sa Lolo ah :-) He's one lucky boy to have very such very talented Lolo and Tita- very articulate writers. Hands down!

  20. When Astin's big enough to read and understand this poem, I'm sure he will feel happy that so many people are proud of him. On a different note, his name is wonderful! :)

  21. You're very lucky, sir. And so is your adorable grandchild.

  22. Awwww that is one precious moment!

  23. that's very sweet one. a poem about grandfather's love for his grandchild. always true, even if you're all grown up, there's nothing more comforting than the lap of your grandfather.

  24. yay! congratulations! next would be running around the hallway making grandpa chase him. =D such a sweet moment.

  25. Roll calling the significant people in Astin Parker's life with full of TLC... He is one luck baby who has all the affection he needs and all the guidance that will help him face the future. Nice composition!!