Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Beautiful Film Would It Be:

Indeed one’s love story could be likened to a beautiful film.

photo: Charmaine

I always thought I’m strong
Finding a way to forget you
But every time I’m alone in my room
I always find my way

Reaching to your hand that was held by another man
How sad, our love story will end
Before it reached its climax
And then fall from the scene
Where you let go, and turn your back

As I’ve seen so many scenes before the story takes its last fall
One man’s lost is another man’s gain
Have NO regret that you would forget, Yes you forget!
Now I’ll just hold you here inside my heart
Where no one could see

And as the curtain starts to fall,
the dim starts to fade
I’m all alone,
Watching my own scene drifting away.


  1. I wonder who's that girl in the picture. Anak mo paps?

    1. She's cute and pretty papaleng. What happened to them ? (CHISMOSO MODE lang po hehe).

  2. Drifting apart is always a painful scene but it happens for a reason.

  3. aww what a sad story :(

    for sure someday "you" will find your own happy ending :)

  4. The message is really deep but I was surprised to see a big man singing that song. It might sound prejudiced but if I wasn't watching the video I would have thought a teenager was singing that song.

  5. Your poem is filled with emotion that grips its reader. Kudos for having the heart to create this poem.

  6. What a sad love story. I believe that one day he'll find the girl that is right and meant for him.

  7. I kinda relate to this one, when I was in my teenage years, I was able to write a poem and liked to make it a song though. ha ha, but never realized it :), I guess being heart broken can be hard but time heals and moved on.

  8. Ouch...Papaleng emotional ka ata dito. Anyway I love the poem, it's
    same like it is my story. Hahahahaha...kabaliktaran nga lang...

  9. Another sad poetry by kuya papaleng, very moving and indeed effective.

  10. at last i hear a man talk - which not so often :)

    not everyday i read a poem or a love story from the point of view of a man... :) refreshing even if is sad...

  11. Nice poem. I can relate. Love is complicated and unexpected. She is a pretty girl, medyo hawig ko yata nung kabataan ko(ahaha, wag na pong kumotra papaleng)

  12. that's a nice poem, sad though. Wish ko lng Kuya, you'll have a happy ending in your next poem of LOVE :)

  13. awww... this is nice.. heartbreaks can be painful, but it teaches greater lessons about life.. what's important is our will to pick up pieces and that will to move on and love again, for sure it would sweeter!

  14. oh i feel for him, but i know there will be a better one coming. though a sad poem, but one very realistic of our feelings whenever we get hurt. i remember the days when relationship fails, i would tell myself to never love again and forever keep him in my heart, but hahaha, nope, never happened, for moving on to freedom is such a happy thing. :)

  15. lots of emotions right here bursting...ehehee! pretty nitong model mo papaleng!

  16. This poem is so full of emotion and depth. Malalim ang pinaghuhugutan :-) Personal experience po ba eto? Nakikiusyoso lang. LOL!

  17. Beautiful poem Papaleng :-) Letting go is the hardest thing to do :-( I hope that your son will meet another girl that will love him more than his ex and when the right comes :-)

  18. listening to the song you shared here! It's so beautiful! sometimes it doesn't matter if you get hurt, love is no guarantee for happiness...the happiness is in the hurting for some but why stay sad? the world is huge and somewhere there could be someone waiting for us to make it all worthwhile...playing the song here over and over today :)

    ...praying for LOVE to visit your heart's son soon :)