Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The aftermath of having an abortion.

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You care not about pregnancy
But run a way from responsibility
Is this what you want?
A fetus in a jar, killed in secrecy.

So tell me, are you now happy?
Are you playing God? Shame on you
Killing an innocent baby
And all he could do is to think Save me! Will You?

At times, I wonder at night
How would it be if your own mother
Never did allow you to see the light
But she didn’t because she loves you so tender.

Your killing a part of yourself, don’t you think so?
Think of the pain and suffering your mother took in
And you take the opposite course your mother went through
Tell you this; other women wish they were in the same position you were in.

Now do yourself a big favor
Don’t do this again and forever
Because in the eyes of some people
You are not worthy to be called a mother.

Now forgive me if I voiced out my opinion
I believe there are other ways, like putting your child for adoption
So next time your in this situation
My child, do not have an abortion.


  1. This is the crime that I will never commit, because I really want to get pregnant and have a baby.

  2. im very against abortion... it's not because i work in the medical field but because i value life the most!

  3. I say NO to abortion as it's never the child's choice to be in that situation.

  4. .. and may I pray that God will enlighten pregnant moms to do always choose what is right and just..

  5. As a nurse, I've seen a lot of girls who did this...and it's indeed so sad. Most of them are teens. If only they were guided properly...it could've been avoided.

  6. A fetus in a jar...this post creeps me out. But anyway, it is a nice poem though. I am pro-life myself, so I do not understand people who are irresponsible having sex. When they get pregnant, they turn away from it. Crazy world!

  7. those words are too depp enough if someone had an abortion before is going to read this but everything you have said is reasonable enough to understand great one! xx

  8. When I had my second pregnancy, the doctor found an irregularity in my tests results so she sent me to a specialist. After some tests, the sAID specialist suggested that I should undergo amnio procedure which could result to miscarriage. We said no to any procedure, we told them that no matter what the baby's health would be that we will fAce the responsibility because we will love him no matter what. As it turns out, we have a healthy baby boy. Having an abortion is like killing part of yourself!

  9. The most cruel thing to do. But sometimes, people have no choice. Sad but true.

  10. My mom had me when she was 18. Despite her not telling me who my father is (until now) and the hardships I had to went through since a teenager, one of the best things she had done for me is to keep me alive. For that, I'm thankful. :">

  11. The conscience is the hardest enemy to subdue especially if you are too guilty. Depression follows, then self hate, then we become suicidal, ...how I wish life seems fair...but I believe it is because there will come a point in our lives that we will triumph against the difficulties and life will give all of us a chance to subdue our inner enemy.

  12. I love your poem. ahaha. I'm still 18 and I don't want to have my gf pregnant, because I know if that happens, we will be forced to abort the child, which is something wrong. Thanks for this.

  13. This is so true and meaningful. Most people just don't find the aftermath of what they've done as something very crucial. Unborn babies have every right to his/her being born -- unless complications get into the way. Nonetheless, married or not.. abortion should never be an option (that is for me). People just can't afford to be selfish nor foolish these days.

  14. It is a sad thing that there are women who could actually kill their own baby in their wombs...many times at work I encounter women doing so and it just breaks my heart so badly....and you just voiced out the exact words I would love to tell them...

  15. Abortionist is killing silently those spirit children of God. They should be held responsible for their crime.

  16. I hate to see unborn child inside the bottle with formalin. There are some who did not have the luck to bear kids, why not think of them and have your child adopted instead of doing this devilish act.

  17. this is really a sad act to do...I'll be guilty for the rest of my life if I do such a thing.

  18. That's a meaningful poem. Women of today should read this before planning to have an abortion as
    babies are a blessing from God.

  19. What a touching poem to read Papaleng :-) I for one is against on abortion. Any girl should think before making out with a man of what the consequences could be :-( after few hours of happiness. There are women that could not bare a child and adoption is one.

  20. I can't imagine myself aborting my little one. I am a mom of two beautiful daughters and whenever I stare at them, I can't comprehend how those women out there could dare abort theirs. Only God knows!

  21. The International Down Syndrome Coalition's tag line is "every life counts". And true for each of those children are a blessing to their respective families.

    But I feel we are not being fair to the women who choose to make a stand for themselves?

    In most cases, these women will become single parents. Where are the fathers in the shared responsibility? When he left her alone and the woman decided to get an abortion instead isn't he also responsible for the abortion.

    If a woman decides she is not fit to be a parent, did she really commit a crime or was she more responsible than those who just leave everything to fate and expect the government or the society to take care of the children this parent cannot afford to raise?

    What is the real meaning of responsibility here? Are we looking at this based on its short term or long term effects? Whatever the answer is to these questions it is NOT in anybody's hands but the parent.

    Because at the end of the day we might feel better of our virtuosity but it does not change the reality.

  22. I am sadden by the fact that adoption happened in many places and countries. Women who are okay with this are not thinking straight. Haven't they realized that there are people longing to have children of their own and yet here they come with the idea of giving up the lives of innocent ones? Sorry if I sound so mad about this. I just pray they found light despite their dark pasts.

  23. I know someone na ginawa ito! Naiyak talaga ako kasi mahilig ako sa bata tapos sya pinalaglag nya lang. Di lang isang beses nangyari. Ewan ko kung bakit may mga taong kayang gawin ang pagpapa abort.

  24. I really can't grasp the idea why some women would let their babies die, I mean, whether it be poverty or unwanted circumstances, life is not ours to take. It saddens me. :(