Friday, November 25, 2011

The Greatest Father Day’s Gift!

A poem written nine years ago by my daughter that forever I will treasure.

You’re the greatest man I’ve known
You’re the most lovable guy I have
I treasure you, don’t you know?
I love you, does it shows?

I’m just amazed about these things
Why can’t I tell you my fears inside
Maybe because I fear you a lot
But still my love for you is more than everything.

I won’t last a day
Without hearing your sweet and tender words
I won’t live at least a minute
Without you… yelling at me!

When you’re quiet… I’m afraid
Because I know I’ve hurt you
You’re my best friend, but why do I hide secrets from you?
Maybe because I fear you.

Whenever my teacher asks what are we afraid of
I just say “I’m afraid of my dad, especially when he’s mad
My classmates will murmur and will just stare at me
I don’t care! All I know is that I’m afraid of losing you!

Sometimes I think I better die
Whenever silence gets powerful and makes a wall between us
I know, I’m your silliest and naughtiest daughter
But I assure you that I have the best love for my father.

Words I’m not good!
Actions I’m not worth!
But this poem truly shows
How much I love my father!!!


  1. Awww! This poem melt my heart Papaleng :-) You are one indeed super Papa :-) and your kids are lucky to have an amazing Papa :-) You make me missed my Papa even more :-( He went to heaven 8 years ago

  2. Beautiful poem for this father's day. Advance Happy father's day,Papaleng. Hope you'll have a a wonderful day on your big day.

  3. the poem truly shows all the love! great poem sir! i used to write poems as well back in high school and love reading books too.

  4. oh, such sweet words and very loving thoughts for you Donald, is this by KM?

    1. Nope, this one is written by my second daughter, Meryll Diane. KM writes poems so well.

  5. very very are blessed Papaleng...gee this makes me miss my dad so much...I know though that he will forever be watching over me from the sky :) I am sure father's day will be awesome for a great dad like you! :)

  6. That is a very nice and touching poem. You are truly loved, Papaleng! Advance Happy Father's Day!

  7. ahh this is the sweetest gift any child can give to her/his parents . it can beat any material things.. Happy Father's Day papaleng!

  8. So sweet of your daughter Papaleng, it just goes to show that you're such a great father! :)

  9. its a lovely're blessed to have beautiful kids. and i am sure you're a great father to them until these days! i'm a certified Papa's girl, but i have never written a poem for him just yet, who knows someday! advance Happy Fathers' Day po. today's (June 12) my dad's birthday, we miss him so much. we just made video of kids greeting him, did you see it on my fb? hehehe! mom said, we've made him happy. :)

  10. This poem is wonderfully worded! A daughter's love sometimes can't be expressed in so many words but your daughter just succeeded. May lahing makata talaga kayo, Papaleng. LOL! Mula sa ama hanggang sa anak. San ka pa? ;-)

  11. Poets runs in your bloodline KUya, pati daughter mo ang galing. How sweet!