Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Have Lost You

A poem that depicts the pain of losing a love one.


Once, I told you …how much I love you
And I really do
Once, I told you… that you made me cry
Because you said goodbye
That is true.

In loving you, I made myself
At your mercy… Very vulnerable.
That in a wink of an eye,
At your command… my heart could break,
Blown apart, pulverize.

In loving you, I made myself prone
To unseen eventualities
Disappointments, regrets
Fear and anxieties
They did come… my sanity dethroned

I started hating you,
You reciprocated by being cold
My selfishness unfolds
I became suspicious, jealous
Of every men around you.

You abhor, despise
And take me for granted
I accused you of insensitivity,
My heart, now full of hatred
I put all the blame on you.

I came to my senses… just too late
I have hurt you so much
Time is not on my side.. even fate
It’s like saying I love you,
Only to realize that I have lost you.


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