Monday, April 16, 2012

A Cycle Called Life

A father's simple definition of life....

photo: Parokya ni Papaleng

Thank you Lord for my three children
Sweetness and thoughtfulness they have given
Hardships and blessings we all bear
When each one was born, life got better.

My two beautiful girls and my wily boy
Always fills my life with genuine joys
With love, each one enthralls my heart
that gives me strength right from the start.

Their cute little faces show innocence
Meekness and generosity one can sense
A splendid love manifests from the tip of their toes
God and their mother only knows.

All your ‘first' experiences, I treasure in my life
The first courageous crawl, the first tiny tooth
The first ambitious step and the first gritty fall
Yes my children, I'd seen them all.

The funny comics, Barbie dolls and toy cars
And those classic games we used to play
Who will ever forget those hand-written cards
You always give on birthdays and Mother's Day.

The tears you shed from some petty quarrels
Turned into smiles when you see my eyes
Your anxieties on the first day of school
Yes my children, I was there for it all.

All prized memoirs of yesteryears
Are intangible gems we treasured together
Those tears of joy and tears of pain
Are precious rewards that I have gained.

Today, my three wonderful children are fully-grown
My two daughters have families of their own
They continue to shower us with love and joy
Now I'm a grandpa of two smart and robust boys.

So children as you trek the path of life
With your loving husbands and soon lovely wife
All my life I'll ask God
That blessings and happiness He will provide.

I wish you all good health and happiness
Your families experience joy and tenderness
But one special thing I wish all
To experience love that is bountiful.


  1. Geez! So sweet naman nito paps!

  2. Thanks bunso. hindi ko na dinala pa sa Triond. ala namang kwenta ang poems doon. Baka dito sa blog, kumita pa. Yes bunso, my children are the greatest gifts god has given me.