Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All I Can Ask for

A moving poem about regrets, sadness and frustrations inflicted by a cheating partner.

photo: Yasmin

In an empty room, There I am waiting
Tears in my eyes, my mind wondering
Just yesterday, you said “I love you dear”
Yes, I heard it perfectly clear.

Today, my withered soul face life… alone
For you’ve left me,
Leaving my heart empty..
Without a dream to own.

You said, “forever I’ll be true to you”
It was a big lie, now I know
You made promises.. Dropping a coin down a wishing well
Is it genuine and sincere? Not even time could tell.

You took off with my heart
And life inside your hands,
I’m left empty.. With dreams torn apart
Why can’t you understand.

You let me down
When my hopes were high,
I try to smile like a clown
But I always sigh.

Here I am.. left alone
With all this pain and misery,
True love is all I ask for
Why can’t you see.

You loved me for who I was
Not for who I tried to be,
Loving you, Oh! You sweet young lass
You’ll always be inside of me.

Our relationship, we thought stood the test of time
Oh! why have you push me away,
But like a wind that forever gives life to a chime
My love will never fade away.


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