Friday, June 8, 2012

Alone Again

A sad poem about regrets.

photo: Marie Antoinette

My mind wonders deep into the night
Thinking, if only we can share a fresh start
Hoping that you will mend my heart
After you unwillingly torn it apart.

Sweet words keep flashing on my mind
A promise…you’ll never let me go
Our hearts… forever be bind
Sealed with a kiss from you.

Special nights we shared at the park
Our entwined bodies enough to conquer fears
As the moon nodded, the stars drew a mark
And the wind listened to our laughter and tears.

If only I have the power to turned back the time
The courage and a little bit of luck
To make you entirely mine
Then.. I will rush to get you back.

But fate pushes us into a hole
Our joy, he shrewdly stole
Blinding your heart unto letting me go
But this I declare that I really miss you.


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