Sunday, June 3, 2012

Forgiveness is Sweet

A man's attitude in life was changed when he met Jesus.

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It was so hard to forgive
Those who did me wrong
And those who lied and tried
To snatch my victor's song

I took the shame and miseries
They thrown upon my soul
I kept mum and broke in pieces
No longer sound and whole.

My confidence totally shaken
I felt empty, hopeless and drained
I yielded beneath the burden
Unsure, wounded and defamed.

But a stranger met me one day
Showing His mercy and kindness
Now Jesus leads my way
And gives back my happiness.

I took His life unto me
Giving all what is mine
I no longer worry and is free
From men who are cruel and unkind.

I was given forgiveness
And shared it to brothers in need
Of forgiveness for their sinful deeds
And bring them out of darkness.

As God shows me His grace
I gained a blessed relief
My spirit holds a genuine belief
My heart shelters a lasting peace.

Today, I seek only His will
And setting aside all ill
For God alone is just and worthy
To judge and take vengeance for me.


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