Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Like a Shooting Star

What do shooting stars and a man's life have in common?

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One bright evening, as I gaze the sky
Suddenly, a shooting star appears
A bright thing to behold up high
Racing across the sky and then disappear.

There are times in the evening
I find myself outside my door standing
My head up high looking at heavenly things
For stars that are brightly shining.

Their glory keeps me marveling
And the nature of all things
The sparking joy they are giving
But sweet sadness, its death brings.

Will our life's journey go unnoticed
Like an alley in a dark night
Will we be a luminous guiding light,
Like a shooting star on it's last flight.

Lord, let me glitter that brightly
Just like moths entice to a flame
Bringing lost souls to Your mercy
And honoring Your holy name.

Hence, when my days are done
You may find my humble life
Like a shooting star that shines
As I journey my final flight.


  1. Lovely poem po! How I wish I can see a shooting star to make a wish!


  2. Galing-galing mo naman, Papaleng. As I read through the poem, tama ka nga. Our lives is like a shooting star. Our time is not ours so let us have this rare chance to shine.

    1. :) sabi kasi ng Pastor namin, I always write romantic poem, bakit hindi naman daw mga inspiring poem.

  3. Wow, you have a gift of poetry! I love how simple sounding yet meaningful profound this is. :)

    Marriage and Beyond

  4. You're one damn good Poet papaleng!
    It made me remember that I saw a shooting star last night..But I forgot to make a wish...:-(

    1. LOL, thanks again Emely. BTW ano ang FB username mo.

  5. oh, I am floored here papaleng, you are one eloquent poet words are not enough to describe how I love your poem, I so love your prayer too, asking the Lord to let us shine brightly. Indeed, may we continue to allow the light of the Lord to shine on us reflecting or illuminating our journey.

  6. I used to wish upon a shooting star. Seeing one brings back good memories...

    Hats off to this poem Papaleng. :)

  7. Great poem! Live a life that'll make you shine like a shooting star.

  8. love it papaleng! simple but meaningful! :)