Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poisoned Heart

An attempt for an angst poem.

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The link weakens day by day,
as the sting gets worse.
Some sad bitterness to say,
in my heart it will hold.

The sweetness of your voice, lost,
gone with your silence.
My pleading gaze, you abhor,
as my own fate crumbles.

Slowly you kill me inside.
Little by little,
the promise of love dissolves,
as hate consumes it all.


  1. I like the last line.. "As hate consumes it all." Highlight.

  2. Argh!! ako yata yan ah! but thanks to my FB friends..they were there for me when I was in trouble.

  3. Beautiful haiku, well put together, ikaw na talaga ang makata KUya!

  4. very well expressed feelings, it sounds painful, but it is sooooooo true! another very beautiful poem from you, Donald!

  5. Sad poem but love each words. Let's not allow hatred to conquer our hearts. :)

  6. super nice poem, out of many posts i have i only have 1 poem ever and that was when my little tara had her first tooth

  7. Next time Papaleng, sulat ka ng ibang piece na all about happy love! Hehehe Medyo hurt ang hate consumes it all :(