Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Am The Rose

A sweet poem about an innocent girl growing up to be a strong but gentle lady.

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From the garden of innocence
To the field of truth
Just about to face the faces of life
And ready to see the views of womanhood.

My petals have become more scarlet
My fragrance, Oh! So sweet…
Inviting the busy bees around me
And fascinating everyone who sees me.

But my thorn have grown more thicker
My long stem have turned sturdier
Prepared to battle the wild grass
Pricking the embraces of the lover’s hands.

For indeed it is true:
April showers bring May flowers
Behold, I am here:Strong and free
Blooming in the world Now-for-real.

by; Karen Mae


  1. A fitting poem for that gentle lady.

  2. love this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh, so love the wisdom in this poem, Donald. I so love this, "But my thorn have grown more thicker

    My long stem have turned sturdier

    Prepared to battle the wild grass" because it explains why the thron is a beautiful to me as the flower, because it makes the rose stronger, like the lady, it makes her stronger and have deeper character.

  4. Great poem and somehow, does the april rain bring in may flowers symbolizes that with every difficulties bring in a better person or in case of love, makes love stronger?

  5. Great poem as always. Does the april rain bring in may flowers symbolic of how difficulties shape us to be a better person?

    1. Salamat Frac, I konw you too have a knock on Poetry, Sample naman.

    2. I know who wrote this poem! Credit to the real author, please. I wrote this for my 18th birthday invitation card. Thank you!

    3. May author credit yan, I put your name , but bopols ang Triond, Ayaw nila palagyan.

  6. nice poem! meaningful and inspiring.. :)

  7. Thanks for appreciating the poem Angel.

  8. Ako ang nagmana sa anak ko. Eistein yun. Kidding aside, siguro na-influence ko rin ang mga siblings ko when it comes to Poetry, All three of them write fantastic poems.