Friday, July 3, 2015

Take a Little Rest

What a better way to rest.

photo: "My Photo Diary" by Ting Sarmiento

Are you feeling restless?
Find a serene place to relax a bit
Just take a deep breath and sit
And look at nature with eagerness.

Do not be upset with trials that mark your day
In this quiet place, throw them away
In return, think of the beautiful things that happened today
Those will be guiding tools for your success someday.

Ease your heart of all wicked thoughts
That tranquility will control all your emotions
And joy will always be a part of every decision
Hence, your life will always search the truth.

Learn to count all your blessings heartily
I know the Lord gives you abundantly
Quickly you'll experience total rest, delighted you stop a bit
In this serene place, to take a deep breath and sit.


  1. wow... is this poem for me?? Because this is exactly what I need right.. I felt so stressed and I think i really need to unwind.. thanks for this lovely poem

  2. So good to see great advice set to poetry. That last line is cute, "take a deep breath and sit".

  3. These days, finding a rest in our daily life is somewhat difficult with all the technologies surrounding us all the time. I currently installed a phone app for meditation which takes 10 minutes of my time every day. It's not enough but at least it helps me to have a "me" time even just for 10 minutes - a simple break in my daily life.

  4. going out to take a "breather" always makes things a little better. Nature has a way of re-starting things, refreshing your system so you're ready for another hell-fo-a-day

  5. It's just perfect reading this now as it's been a stressful day. It's really good to count our blessings and we'll always end up grateful.