Monday, July 20, 2015

She: An Outcast

An intriguing and heartfelt piece of poetry.

photo: Jel Pamela

At first sight, she looks so perfectly happy.
At first sight, she looks amazingly acknowledged
by people because of her well-being.

But, at first sight you will never know she's an outcast.

You will never know that she can't stop thinking
about the life she wanted until it stops her from falling asleep.
You can never tell how many tears she hid from the sight of others.
You will never know how broken her soul as if it's a glass in shreds.

Think about it, did you ever see one of
that smile that reach her eyes?
Did you ever feel her warmth or just the
cold material that coated her whole self?
Will you ever know why she's an outcast?

She's an outcast because she's different.
She's an outcast because she has to
push herself in just to be accepted.

When she was still young,
everyone treated her as wrong.
Her existence seems to be unworthy
and very wrong in a way.
She was an unplanned thing, poor she, the outcast.

She's like a piece of a puzzle that can't fit anything.
She was never loved, not even a priority.

But she did everything to gain them!
She did everything for everyone she ever loved,
not caring if they will do the same.

But, she's tired now.

She's tired of being so not enough.
She's tired of seeing how happy
they could be without her.
She's tired of the fact that her existence is a fraud.

She's so tired.

So tired of thinking that they can treat her better.
She's tired of being alone but,
she's also tired of blending in with people.
When obviously,
She's an outcast; She will always be an outcast.

Once you see her, stare at her.
But remember:

You will never know she's an outcast
as much as you will never know
how many tears escaped her eyes while writing this.


  1. This is so beautiful poem Papaleng. I think my favorite so far.

  2. What a moving poem, I can feel what she felt. Very beautiful, thank you for sharing this.

  3. I was once an outcast when I was a kid, it was difficult. Sometimes, I feel an outcast here as well.

  4. It's all about perspective. I think this is a little on the self-pity side. It would be awesome if she can embrace her uniqueness, seeing yourself as an outcast will do you no good.

  5. I hope everything is still okay with her. Just go with the flow I am sure she will overcome it

  6. This poem is so moving. I hope this girl will finally find peace in her heart. Staying strong and keeping the faith will guide her out of her sadness.

  7. The message of the poem rings true. Most of us have things inside us that we hide from the public. We may be laughing on the outside but crying on the inside. Life is tough, but we can make things better for others if we remain to be kind and sensitive to other people's needs.

  8. Beautifully outcast, oh, this can kill the spirit inside. But its a matter of a having a strong spirit to stand out despite the behavior of people around us.