Thursday, August 20, 2015

A New Morning

Each morning offers new blessings.

sunrise photo

I desire to see tomorrow’s morning
A nourishing sunlight the flowers are awaiting
As the birds are cheerfully singing
Nature starts a new beginning.

As the sun faintly rises
Its beauty and majesty seen forever
The world humbly recognize
And hope for mankind to gather.

So, as the dawn is breaking
I’ll say a little prayer
Lord, may every blessing I’ll be receiving
To those in need graciously I’ll share.


  1. Sunrise gives me hope, it gives me strength, it gives me a strong rope to hold on to .

  2. I love Sunrise, it's beauty is very inspiring. It is the best symbol for a good day ahead.

  3. Love love the poem, so true about sun rises...true every morning we have new blessings in life that we have to always be thankful of

  4. I'm currently in a transition phase in my life and these lines help me keep a positive mindset about a new beginning. May the Lord give me wisdom and support every step of the way.

  5. Short poem but very inspirational. Sharing our blessing to people who are much in need is what God wants us to do.

  6. It's a really nice poem and it really conveys a message of hope.

  7. lovely! i particularly love the last 2 line...sharing the love and gift that we receive to others :)

  8. Very inspiring. Sunrise marks the beginning of a new day and new hope..positivity.

  9. Inspiring poem for everybody to look forward into life. Love the sunrise and sunset!

  10. Heartfelt poem!

    Back in college, I was also fond of composing poems. I dunno where it's gone haha!

  11. To a new morning that will bring new life and energy each and every day! :D

    The picture really looks beautiful and I love how the colors are perfectly played! :)

  12. We should be thankful for the gift of a new day. To me, it means hope.

  13. I love your poem, so inspiring. These is where you appreciate everything you see and praise God for all the blessings we received.