Monday, March 21, 2016

The Comforter

A man’s elation at knowing that his Comforter is always there for him.

When I’m sad and in despair
Thinking that nobody cares
I know you are here
To give my soul a shelter.

As I feel your gentle touch
My heart is filled with love
Peace and joy I have much
A gift from my Father above.

Your presence brings hope
My confidence fully restored
Each trial I can now cope
Smile I can now afford.

In prayer and thanksgiving
I’ll start my life each day
Knowing someone’s watching
Its my Comforter who guides my way.


  1. Very sweet and direct to the point. It's always nice to know that we have someone to rely on every time we're feeling down. We should also never forget to bring them happiness when we're feeling great.

  2. Oh the comforter, how beautiful it is to know that someone is ready to comfort you especially in you lowest moments...

  3. What a lovely poem! It's a great reminder that we are not alone even if we sometimes feel like we are. Our Great Comforter is always just around the corner ready to come to our rescue.

  4. This is a very nice poem, great reminder for all of us.