Saturday, May 21, 2016

Make It Up

If only we could forgive.

photo: Clarisse

Life is too short for grievances
For quarrels and for tears
What's the use of wasting
Precious days and precious tears

If there's someone to forgive
Forgive without delay
Maybe you,too, were part to blame
So make it up today.

Be generous- forget the past
And take the broader view,
Cast away all the bitterness and
Let the sunshine through.

If it's within your power
A broken heart to mend,
Remember-- Love is all that
Really matters.... in the end.


  1. Sometimes when we've been hurt too much it's not so easy to forgive but time really heals everything. Eventually, you'll learn to forgive people. Your poem has a point though, it's nice if we can forgive easily instead of taking too long.

  2. first she's a pretty lady, second it is easy to said than done, although we should always forgive those who sinned against us, as we are always being forgiven by our Almighty Father.

  3. beautiful made me think...yeah , so many things that we need of making it up with...:)

  4. Forgiving someone for a grave misdeed is hard to do, but yes, letting go of ill feelings towards others is totally liberating.