Friday, October 14, 2016

To the Quitter

Truly, the world hates a quitter.

photo: My Colorless Mode by Ting Sarmiento Galvero

People care not if you stumble
Nor will they gripe if you fall
They may even ignore your calls
No matter how loudly you howl.

It is no one's concern if you
Give up the fight without consolation
Thinking it is the last thing to do
That is noble and gains their attention.

People easily forget quitters
Their names a pain to remember
Some will mock you and share a laugh,
Knowing you lack courage and will to stand up.

So quit and embrace hopelessness
Moreover, dream not of joys and successes
Just remember the world will not care
For people like you who are QUITTERS.


  1. When I stumble, I don't easily quit. I get up and find my strength. What a beautiful poem Papaleng.

  2. We have to stand up after each fall and face the day with more courage and determination to do better. It's not easy, but it can be done.

  3. There are times that because we are very emotional into things, we tend to quit, but that won't make us win the battle that in time we certainly be a winner.