Thursday, January 12, 2012


Endless schemes.

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Gloomy blue and red to serene eve,
tomorrow, a stormy sky.
With incessant tear cascades from above,
my grief will refuse to die.

Often I ignore, yet sometimes I ask,
of some things not meant for me.
Bitterness enclosed in a lovely mask,
as I wear it joyously.

The sun scatters hope while morning arrives,
sweet comfort like your embrace.
Once again, I rise to fight and survive,
and you join me with my pace.

Sometimes we give up, at times we lose faith.
We heed upon our heart’s told.
We rise and fall like the tides of the Earth,
finding peace within our hold.


  1. Aah..the human emotions change constantly! A wonderful poem, my friend!

  2. Ang galing-galing nyo talaga paps! :)