Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Honest Chat with God

Have you experienced this one, having an honest chat with God about your life.

photo: Me?

Lord, tell me.. Am I a good lover?
Without a doubt my son, I’ve seen how your wife smile
How about being a good father?
Yes my child, each kiss and hug you spare with your children is worthwhile.

If that’s the case my Lord, is there other things I should do?
You mean… tomorrow‘s fields to explore?
Indeed Lord and I’m too excited to know
Cheer up son, you will see barren soil no more.

Are you implying Lord, I can take a rest
Definitely not my child, I still consider you as my reaper
An ocean of souls is there to harvest
And I reckon on you, my cheerful worker.

But my Lord, it is an open secret that I’ve lived a life of shame
Look my child, no one is to blame
I’m grateful my Lord, your love eases all my pains,
From now on, I tell others to know your name!

1 comment:

  1. I like this conversation....it's probably what we all should be doing more :-)