Monday, May 14, 2012

McDonald’s Fantasy

My eyes was fascinated and my heart beat faster upon seeing this young lady taking her meal in a popular food chain.

photo: Rhyn

The first time I took a glance
At your beautiful almond-shaped eyes
You were crunching a McDonald’s French pie
Oh girl! I want you more than burgers and fries

I felt so weak and shy
As if I was put into a daze
You put me in a trance with your smile
and your sweet, innocent-looking face

Oh! my imagination run wild
Like a toy car to a child
I can imagine us down the aisle
Living our dreams of fancy lifestyle

Your cell number I’ll regularly dialed
Even if it takes some extra mile
Sending you flowers in style
Because I know that it’s all worthwhile

But having my coke spilled on me
I snapped back to reality
She’s just a sheer fantasy
If only she could feel, what I see.>


  1. Nice poem o nice photo bro...LOL Salamat uli.

  2. Astig, naaliw ako dun at nagutom ng sabay.

  3. ahahahaha....buking si mcdonald...

  4. you did not fail to put a big smile on my face Donald, love this!!

  5. Ikaw na ang magaling sa mga poem, Papaleng and maganda ang photo mo :)

  6. omg! haha this is so cool SIr! i wouldnt be impress to a guy eating in mcdonalds thoughh haha. maybe some salad? hahah you shud write this on Ebook! its fun!

  7. Having a fantasy is nice once in a while hehehe.

  8. With your words makes me hungry, i'm on diet pa naman...

  9. Ayus sir ah! Na-inspire ako sa galing mong gumnawa ng tula... Matagal na rin akong hindi nakakagawa ng tula eh...

  10. she has such pretty eyes and your words make girl's hearts flutter :)

  11. Is she your daughter Papaleng?

  12. nice one Papaleng, mabuti naman at natauhan ka, hehehe! :) but anyway, thanks to McDonalds, next time Jollibee naman po, ah. happy weekend.

  13. Haha! May pag-ganun kang tula sa chix ah! You looks really inspired while making a poem. Chickboy si Tatay.

  14. Ang ganda. At ang galing mong mamili papaleng. I wonder why in Mc Donald :-) Hehehe

  15. Ganda niya naman Paps! Regards nyo nga po ako sa kanya! hehehe.

    Libre nyo din po ako sa McDo ah? :D

    1. Oo naman, ikaw pa. salbahe ka, binubuko mo ako. sige, sa date natin isasama ko siya.