Friday, May 4, 2012


A childhood memory.

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The breezy clear weather of June,
and the scent of grass, a dejavu.
Colorful dragonflies flutter,
as the wind sings its beautiful tune.

My coming back to an old place,
your peaceful world that was once my own
Everything here, a reminisce,
without you, not a home anymore.

I used to hunt for dragonflies,
their magnificence, I want to keep.
You had been angered by it,
worried about my little mischief.

Yet you never said, I love you,
my foolishness, your disappointment.
I loathed you, but couldn’t hold.
You are always a father to me.

The gentle wind blows once again,
scattering dragonflies by the field.
Teary- eyed, I searched the heaven,
your new tranquil place with God.


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