Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What’s Bad About Being a Laundry Man?

It’s not one’s position that matters, but how well you love and enjoy your career.

In an alumni reunion, again I met
Three J’s whom friendship I shared
“I’m a respected judge,” boasted Jet
“Me a doctor, I’m a principal,’ Jake and Jon uttered.

“And you?” the trio inquired
“A laundry man”, is my quick reply
My friends were shocked and surprised
In disbelief they chorused, “Why o Why.”

Like a wounded lion, I boldly stated
Your professions are nothing compare to mine
Your slaves to target dates and annoyed to be late
But me, I’m the Master of time.

Mondays and Fridays are my only scheduled date
TIME MANAGEMENT, no need to hurry
But got to first fix my wooden stool so antiquated
Hammer and nails, CARPENTRY comes in handy.

I do enjoy washing dirty clothes
Separating the white-colored ones
30 minutes it need to be soak
Brushing the rest gently one by one.

On an empty basket, I shoot each that are done
Taking a stance just like a basketball star
3-points! Is the shot’s outcome
SPORTS is included in washing clothes calendar.

57 clothes are now in the basket
If 23 are shirts, how many are pajamas?
Solving the equation ,how can I forget
ALGEBRA, is a good idea.

An hour passed since I started the task
How fast I am? What’s my speed
A silly question now I ask
Good thing there are formulas in PHYSICS.

My wife’s T-shirt caught my fancy
An inscription is there to see.
A verse from the book of Timothy
THEOLOGY and God’s words are always free.

Alas! I’m running out of detergents
Those white clothes still untouched
How can I escape this predicament
ECONOMICS offers my problem a patch.

As I move on to the “whites” portion
Three cups of Ariel mix with a pale of water
That is the perfect soak solution
Indeed, CHEMISTRY will always be there.

The fully loaded clothes line is a thing to behold
Pants are grouped together, blouses/T-shirts in one corner
Under wear and hankies so carefully fold
What a work of ART is all that I can utter.

Now tell me, is it lowly to be a laundry man
I say, it is a NOBLE one.


  1. Cute! :)

    O nga naman, ano bang masama..

  2. We should always take pride in what we do. No task is lowly for the man who does it with dignity. :-)

  3. yey, super love this poem Donald, now, each time i will do our laundry here at home, i should think about all your thoughts, algebra, physics, chemistry, :)

  4. Your poetic by the way! I love the TIME Management line :) Whatever it has, it's an ART , it's always NOBLE and now I want to migle :) BRAVO!

  5. As long as you're doing your job well and it does entail much skill to be a laundry man.

  6. Funny and very sensible. Honestly, I couldn't imagine myself being a laundry man -- I swear. I'm so lazy to do the laundry and iron the clothes. Good thing we have machines to help us lessen the work.

  7. So cute! There's nothing wrong about being a Laundry Man. My Father used to be one, and now my husband continues his legacy. LOL. Good morning!

  8. There should be pride in anything that we do that is why we always have to strive for excellence no matter how seemingly unimportant the task is.

  9. wow! love this one, can I hire you sir? sometimes I do get tired doing the laundry, I dislike the hanging and folding portion not much talent for that :)

  10. You gotta' love life first to live it! Nice post, sir!

  11. I like the Analogy of your poem Sir. It is a motivation. More power to the laundry man

  12. i love the way it was constructed. Indeed you made the lessons of your education into action. It is much better than having the so -called profession in style but got nothing learned except aiming to earn for too much ...

  13. Haha this is a nice and entertaining spin on what is otherwise seen as a mundane task! :)

  14. galing! my husband has been my laundry man since the very start! .. and I am proud of him! lucky me too! lol!

  15. Uniquely done!!! Bravo!! It's not the title or the profession... it doesn't matter if you're a laundry man or domestic helper... If you enjoy what you're doing and you're doing it perfectly... you are the MASTER and never a slave.

  16. Haahahaha...ikaw talaga Papaleng pinatawa mo talaga ako sa pic mo. Anyway, there is nothing wrong being a laundry man. As far as I know men are better in cooking and in washing clothes...hahahaha..but not in ironing clothes.

  17. i agree! you are one NOBLE man, papaleng! your wife must be so proud of you. you have such a lucky and blessed wife i must say. ;)

  18. This really great poem, Papaleng! I'm a Laundry girl too,does that makes me noble too? hehehe.. Doing the laundry is a fun way to release our stress. We are not only making our clothes clean, we also take the toxins off our system by simply sweating it all out! So lets go and wash clothes! :-)

  19. Ang galing!!


    nakakatuwa nmang lahat ng subjects na-incorporate sa laundry tasks.. :)

  20. It is indeed a noble job. Love the way you put the words together.

  21. ang pogi....nice pic papaleng ;)

  22. you got me sa picture pa lang LOLs such a witty poem.i salute all laundry men...including my husband :)

  23. It is a noble profession! My hubby does the laundry at home so I say it is ;)

  24. My Dad was a house-band and there aint nothing wrong with that. We were well fed and had clean clothes - and mas mahirap naman talaga magayos ng bahay kesa magwork ;) Hehe.

  25. Bravo!!! great! Just great how you were able to relate all of these terms to being a laundry man. Super like!

  26. waaaaa.. great poem hahahah.... poem pa lang mapapalaba kahit na sinong lalaki hihihi.. but its modern times.. may washing machine na raw.. hihihi

  27. WOW Naman,Papaleng. Ang galing- galing ng pagkakasulat neto. Hats off ako! A noble job indeed. Di dapat ikahiya dahil lahat na ng subjects sa klase were incorporated in the job itself. Ayos!

  28. There's nothing wrong being a laundryman and if you're working abroad it pays well. So whoever look down on you, they should be ashamed.

  29. You are truly funny Papaleng, you always inject humor in any situation or post that you have. These days, d na rin kinahihiya ang husbands doing some house chores.

  30. very well written, galing ng humor. hehehe! :) i admired guys who can do house chores...hehehe! and i don't see any wrong when guys do it. :)

  31. my father used to do all our clothes, he is a really great father

  32. oo nga ang galing..Papaleng Ariel pala ang gamit mo bakit si Mr. clean ang pinorpomote nito.. joke! he he...

  33. wow, ikaw na po ang dakilang laundry man..a great career indeed! :D

  34. nakakatuwa ang tula mo Papaleng, lahat ng trabaho magaan basta marangal at gusto ng isang tao ang ginagawa nya. D ba Mr. Clean? :)

  35. nice photoshop, even better to the original one...nothing wrong of being a laundry man.

  36. this is a fun read! thanks for sharing it. i love the photo. hehehe