Thursday, October 8, 2015

Don’t Let That Love Slip Away

How we should value a relationship.

photo: Violet C

Why do some people act like that
Searching for joy and happiness
And then finding love
But handle it with such carelessness?

All their lives they search for one
But when they found someone
Why put it down and forget it somehow
Only to realize it’s worth when it’s gone?

When you find love, hold on to it,
Do everything to let it not slip
Celebrate and enjoy in any way
And be consumed by its feeling everyday.

To a dear someone
This genuine love, I’ll never set aside
I will never look for it when it is gone
I will show it each day and nothing to hide


  1. I agree that we should treasure relationships and never lose that drive and the passion we haad when we were pursuing love.

  2. Certainly agree, It's a matter of contentment and keeping that love alive. People may swerve at one point but one must realize why love that person in the first place.

  3. That's the problem with us, people. We tend to take people and things for granted, only to realize its value when it's gone.

  4. One continues to search for that one true love, until they find it within himself/herself. Sometimes, the process is meant to be.

  5. Finding the love of your life is not easy nowadays but it'll come true when you hold on into its scope and essence.

  6. Agree with this. People only value things once they lost it. But at the end of the day is all about our choice.

  7. I'm no feeler like that..
    But I agree, we realise the value of those around us when we already lost them.
    The realization can hit hard if found too late in the process.

  8. As they say, you only appreciate something after it's gone. It's a sad story.

  9. I guess love has both happiness and sadness but people just hold on to it no matter what. That's true love. It's about giving your all and not really expecting anything back in return.

  10. Love is an outgoing concern. It doesn't develop as far as I am concerned. It is how it is being shared. As what the pop song goes, "Let the love begin" speaks how it should be shared as an outgoing concern.

  11. It's really sad that people don't value or know someone's worth until its too late. I wish that people appreciate you more when you are there rather than when it's too late.

  12. Don’t Let That Love Slip Away - You got my attention by this title.. then,

    "Only to realize it’s worth when it’s gone?"
    This is true indeed. I wasn't sure how I really felt until the time that he already left. I cried, in the middle of the road upon hearing the news. I knew that he's going, but I didn't know exactly where. All I knew that time was he got a job. I understand.

    Ang di ko magets, why he would confess his feelings then aalis naman pala sya then di man lang nagtanong kung ano sasabihin ko.

  13. I'm sure one day you'll be able to find a love to keep :)