Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Time Has Come

The time to make a choice

photo: Kisha P.

My child, as you grow older
And the world is there for the taking
You’ll wake up one day a winner
Because you’d beaten all the odds the world had given.

And those thoughtless years of the past,
Won't matter that much,
Because your a better person than that,
Such stupid things, now you’ve learned how to watch.

God has a greater plan for you
That’s the reason why your here,
He gave you life to live the way He wanted to
Giving you loved ones to hold you dear.

A big loving heart the Lord gave you one
That is bursting with joy inside,
You have so much to offer someone,
Please don't run away and hide.

The time to decide has come
What path you will take,
The wide road or the narrow one
Be careful of what decision to make.

Your future lies before you,
What do you choose to do.
Let it pass by or make it great
My child, the choice is up to you...


  1. The title of the poem itself at first I thought it was related to AlDub "Tamang Panahon" :) Very inspiring piece teenager nowadays always wanted an easy way out. Afraid of facing the reality and worst some commits suicide. I wish parents will be more cautious and be more involve to their children's live.

  2. With our guidance and love, our children can make good choises in life.

  3. That's a nice poem. I love that it's about facing a new world and starting out as a person that has learned about life and who already knows what he wants to do.

  4. indeed the time will come that should let go of our children and let them live a life of their choice, but it doesn't mean we are loosing our role as a parent...

  5. The poem said it well, time comes that our baby are no longer baby and are all grown up

  6. This is such a heartwarming poem. Sometimes, a parent can express their feelings more through poetry and writing. I hope our children would never forget how much we love them especially when we get to that "empty nest" stage.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful poem Papaleng for kids that need to spread their own wings and face their future.

  8. What a lovely model you have, and what beautiful advice you gave to the young people out there!