Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Silhouette Love

I'm just thinking of you.

photo: Madeleine

Love do you feel how much I love you,
Does it really spark in my eyes?
Can you see it by the things I do
Or on a casual talk...all my sighs?

I have no strength to conceal,
How I feel for you right now.
All I know this affection is real
I agree, you stole my heart somehow!

The way you kiss, it's so romantic,
True enough you're sexy and smart.
Each time you tease me with antics
I really love every part.

Your sleepy eyes can set me into a trance,
Your soft voice is sweeter than an angels' song.
All I need is to catch just one glance,
And I feel so restless all night long.

You're my baby, my honey, my "Gracie”
You know me more than a friend.
If we"re lucky, well then maybe
We'll stick it up to the end!


  1. Okay the poem says something about longingness to the person he/she loves.

  2. I LOVE the poem, so sweet and so romantic. I wish I could write a poem as beautiful as yours. By the way, the model is pretty too :-)

  3. She's gorgeous! You are such a romantic poet Kuya! Keep inspiring us with your creative and emotional writings!

  4. Very sweet and romantic poem, you're really the master when it comes to kilig poetry Papaleng! Sana asawa ko marunong din mag compose ng mga tula