Friday, February 6, 2015

An Undying Love

photo: Bernadette

Suddenly your soft, fragile fingertips
Intimately touched my chilling lips
What remains of a heated skirmish
Was displaced with the softest kiss
And what started out as silliness
Ended up in a bed of bliss

You and I, wonder
How do we end up like this
When all we thirst for is taintless happiness
That seemed to be an eternal wish

That slumbering love put on a new meaning
And your gloomy eyes that was once so mesmerizing
Was reawakened by my gentle caress and are now dazzling
Beaming with a new found meaning
Pressing deep into your warmth, darkness is now losing its sting
He can no longer hurt us, the pain is fading

The power of LOVE begins its reign as your velvety lips touches mine
One hand finding its place on your waist, we're entwine
The other one smoothed away the tresses of hair, your face shines
And in this lowly place, a vow made that will stood the test of time

Worthless are those diamonds and gems
When finally I realized what love really is, one that is unchallenged
Sweetness and trust, both of us will put them
That our love, no one will ever condemn
And on this rain-filled night, we will take the challenge
To release the pain and to make things right, let our love make it happen.



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