Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leaving No One Behind (Walang Iwanan)

A graduation poem written for my friend Paula. Also, a fitting tribute to all graduates.

The story of five high school students' rock-solid friendship as depicted in this heartfelt, sweet-flowing poetic lines.

Photo: Paula & friends

In school, we get our teachers’ ire chatting on the hall
Disguised as naughty teens, on weekends…we stroll in the mall
At home, free time is marked for silly talks on the phone
And each day we make it a point that no one is alone.

Going to gimmicks as a bunch
Treasuring each one as a beautiful branch.
Holding any decision until each voice is heard
As friends, we work as free birds.

The roar of graduation … a fulfilling echo to hear
To most, a tradition that brings cheer
To a chosen few, a season for shedding tears
But to us… a mix emotions of guilt and fear

Guilt, not because we gave not our best
Perhaps… we just fell short in some quests
Fear… not because we’re boarding a new ‘future-quest’ ship
But are just curious, if all of us are in the passengers’ list.

Tears are shared…each one wavering that the pain departs
Knowing that soon, we’ll embark on a fresh start
Hoping the flames of sacred vows and eternal bond
Be kept burning… today and beyond.

No one knows what the future may hold
But the truth is … true friends do unfold
A friendship that understand what is real
Giving ears to what the other feels.

With heavy hearts, we have to say goodbye
A phrase we simply defined as caring ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’
For now, let us all flash those smiles
As we reminisce those happy times.


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