Friday, April 17, 2015


Just a sweet, romantic love poem.

photo: Marifa

Reminiscing those intimate moments in my mind,
All the trials in life, seem to unwind.
One thing you does that is heavenly divine,
Is whenever you press your soft lips against mine.

It always brings a smile to my face
I would not want to be any other place,
Except right here with you,
Forever making love with you.

Then as we spend the night,
Nothing on but the candle light,
My spirit lift in joy
Knowing, we have everything to enjoy.

With all my love, I hold you in my arms
A firm assurance that no one can do you no harm
Seeing you lie there, looking into my eyes,
Your look simply telling me "There will be no goodbyes"

Instilling in our hearts,
That never will be apart.
That this love that we have, between you and me,
Is always and forever meant to be.


  1. Awww! What a very sweet poem. Papaleng, are you born hopeless romantic? Reading your poem makes me melt.

  2. Very intimate poem here and does shows the passion of love to a partner.

  3. Marifa is gorgeous! I think you should publish a book Kuya, you are a good poet!

  4. Oh so sweet, Papaleng. You're such a poet.

  5. So sweet and romantic! To whom do you dedicate this poem, Papaleng? -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  6. How romantic! There's nothing more lovely than reading a poem about two people finding forever. It's a nice break from all the craziness in the world.

  7. How I wish that ganito yung statement nya "There will be no goodbyes" instead of "madula na ko"...

  8. I wonder if you have a book containing all your sweet notes and ave it to Ate Rose hehehe.

  9. Walang forever! Kidding. Nice poem. I use to write similar ones before. I lost my touch when I started writing technical stuff. :) Thanks for your wonderful piece.