Monday, February 13, 2017

Three Precious Things

A simple Valentine note for my lovely wife.

photo: Beauty and the Beast

My love...

I have no money
not even a bed of honey
I own no stars
Its just asking too far
I can't give you the sun
That would only make me a clown
I can't give you the air that we breath
Possessing it, only God knows the secret

Apple of my eye... just three precious things that I can give you

I may not be rich to give you things so nice
But i give my heart without thinking twice
I may not own the stars
But my love is more precious than diamond jars
I may not give you air to breath
But you can take mine away if it means my death

Sweetheart.. just three treasured things you can have

My pure heart
My genuine love
And the right to take away my breath


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